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Building The Future

Transforming visions into reality through innovative BIM solutions, precision, and collaboration, building a future where design and construction are seamlessly intertwined.

We strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence in BIM services. Our dedicated team of architects and engineers are proficient in the latest BIM technologies and methodologies, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Our mission is centered around our clients' needs and goals. We are dedicated to understanding their unique project requirements and delivering tailor-made BIM solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize project outcomes.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of BIM innovation. Our mission is to continuously explore and implement sustainable practices within the construction industry, helping our clients minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing project performance.

We believe in fostering collaborative partnerships with our clients, becoming an extension of their teams. Our mission is to provide unwavering support, open communication, and a seamless experience that empowers our clients to excel in their construction endeavors.

Our mission includes the growth and development of our team members. We are dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and providing opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Our BIM Services

BIM Architects

Our experienced BIM architects bring visionary expertise to your projects, overseeing the seamless integration of BIM technology and architectural design.

BIM Engineers

Our BIM engineers are the backbone of efficient project execution. They ensure that architectural designs are translated flawlessly into practical and constructible models.

BIM Interior

Our interior BIM specialists are dedicated to transforming interior design concepts into detailed, 3D models that reflect your creative vision while optimizing functionality.

BIM Structure

Our structural BIM modelers specialize in creating comprehensive structural models, allowing for the perfect alignment of architectural vision with structural integrity.

BIM Landscape

Our landscape BIM professionals are committed to crafting intricate, 3D models that breathe life into outdoor spaces, harmonizing natural beauty with architectural design.


Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) BIM specialists excel in seamlessly incorporating complex MEP systems into your architectural projects, enhancing sustainability and efficiency.

BIM Infrastructure

Our infrastructure BIM experts specialize in integrating complex infrastructure components, ensuring that your architectural projects are structurally sound and fully functional.

Scan to BIM

Our cutting-edge Scan to BIM services leverage advanced technology to convert scan data into precise, intelligent 3D models, facilitating renovations and refurbishments.

BIM Process

The BIM process is a digital approach to designing, constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure. It involves creating and managing a detailed 3D model of a project, facilitating collaboration, improving efficiency, and providing valuable data throughout the project's lifecycle, from concept to facility management. BIM enhances decision-making, reduces errors, and optimizes resource utilization in the construction and operation of built environments.

LOD 100
Concept Design_

The focus is on creating a basic 3D model that represents the fundamental concepts of the building. This stage is primarily concerned with conceptual model creation, providing a foundational understanding of the project. Key parameters such as area, height, volume, location, and orientation are defined to establish the initial vision of the building. It serves as the starting point for more detailed design development in subsequent phases.

LOD 200
Schematic Design_

A general 3D model is created with elements that have approximate quantities, sizes, shapes, locations, and orientations. This stage allows for a more refined representation of the building's design. Additionally, non-geometric information can be attached to the model elements, providing further context and detail. The LOD 200 model serves as a bridge between the conceptual and more detailed design phases, offering a clearer vision of the project while still allowing for flexibility in design development.

LOD 300
Detailed Design

The 3D model becomes highly detailed. Each model element is represented within the model as a specific system, object, or assembly. This level of detail includes precise information about quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Furthermore, non-graphic information can be attached to the model elements, enriching the model with essential data. The LOD 300 model is a crucial step in achieving a comprehensive and accurate representation of the building's design, providing the foundation for construction documentation and further development.


LOD 400
Fabrication & Assembly

During the LOD 400 phase, model elements are meticulously detailed as specific assemblies. The model includes comprehensive information related to fabrication, assembly, and detailing, ensuring that every component is accurately represented. This includes precise data on quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Additionally, non-geometric information can be attached to the model elements, providing further context. The LOD 400 model is indispensable for fabrication and construction processes, enabling precise implementation and assembly of building elements.

LOD 350
Construction Documentation

The 3D model is enriched with specific details and elements that illustrate how building components interact with various systems and other building elements. This includes both graphic representations and written definitions that provide comprehensive documentation for construction. The LOD 350 model is instrumental in facilitating the coordination of various systems within the building and serves as a valuable reference for the construction phase, ensuring accurate and efficient execution of the design.


LOD 500

In the LOD 500 phase, model elements are represented as constructed assemblies, reflecting the final as-built condition of the building. This model is essential for maintenance and operations. It not only includes accurate geometric information in terms of size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation but also incorporates non-geometric data attached to these modeled elements. The LOD 500 model serves as a comprehensive and precise reference for facility management, ensuring that the building can be efficiently maintained, managed, and optimized throughout its lifecycle.

Why you will enjoy working with us

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

BIM Connect, our unwavering commitment is to deliver top-tier quality within defined timelines, all while ensuring 100% client satisfaction. We firmly uphold the principle that quality is non-negotiable, and we never compromise on it, regardless of the project's scale or complexity.
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

With years of dedicated experience, BIM Connect has honed its expertise in the art of creating highly detailed and data-enriched digital twins.
Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Our dedicated and versatile teams are driven by a commitment to deliver quality results promptly and at competitive prices, earning your trust every step of the way.
Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

BIM Connect excels in delivering cost reductions through precision design, clash detection, material optimization, and streamlined construction. Our efficient collaboration and risk mitigation strategies ensure that our clients benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable construction process.
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